Mama’s Favorites: This Week’s Best Content (Week of 9/12/16)

This is a weekly collection of content that I found valuable, interesting, entertaining – or all three! Topics mostly center on freelancing, marketing, and parenting with occasional wild cards thrown in. If you like what I’m sharing, follow me on Twitter for more content suggestions.


Leah at the Freelance to Freedom Project shared three quick and easy ways to get clients. She’s also hosting a free Get Clients Fast challenge starting on September 19. I’ll be participating!

Heather Baker offers two tips for combating creative burnout. I loved her ideas about Artist Dates and unplugged time. I’m planning an Artist Date for next week.

Lizzie at Wanderful World talks about her three biggest freelancing mistakes and how she corrected them. She has some great tips for putting yourself out there. This week, I put myself out there and landed a new client!


Buffer created an easy-to-follow guide on setting up a content marketing plan. This is a must-read for all marketing newbies.

Jaclyn McCosker talks about what a copywriter does and how they can improve your content marketing quality. Copywriting is an artform and you want to make sure you hire someone who has the skills.

Why fellow CloudPeep Valerie Stimac is phasing out Twitter. I enjoy having a personal Twitter account, but it drives very little traffic to my business so I understand where Valerie is coming from.


Doyin Richards talks about a new study linking parenting styles with personality types. I’m an ISTJ – “The Logistician” and my husband is an ENFP – “The Campaigner”. What’s great about this is we are on the opposite side of each category. Together, we’re a very balanced set of parents.

If you’ve ever wondered about what how different cultures raise their children, read this article from The Atlantic. They interview the authors of “Do Parents Matter?” who have been studying parents from around the whole for the last few decades.


Living asynchronously might be the panacea to modern life. Quincy Larson talks about how turning off all notifications, turning down most meetings, and working remotely has exponentially increased his productivity.


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